The Bridge Alliance

The Bridge Alliance is an association of well regarded law firms in Asia, Europe, North America and South America.  Our reach is global.  We provide our clients with seamless cross-boarder legal services.  We connect the world.



The Bridge Alliance is an international network of trusted firms who provide legal advice and related services in multiple jurisdictions. We support and promote foreign-direct investment that fosters global business growth through international opportunities. Our Lawyers :

  •   Are results oriented and collaborative;
  •   Have high quality standards;
  •   Provide cost-effective legal services knowing that language, culture and networks are different; our Bridge Alliance members provide expertise and competence that goes beyond legal service.


Legal. Bridge. International.


The Bridge Alliance is a global cooperation of law companies for the provision of legal services including legal consulting and related services with the law of the Members’ states.
Knowing that language, cultural background and vast networks make the difference, the Members provide expertise and competence that goes beyond legal service.
The Bridge Alliance services stand for competence, individual support, high qualification, an economic approach and result-oriented consulting services.
To unite the qualifications of the Members, this Association Charter connects the competences of each Member by establishing a global Bridge Alliance.

The World is Big

The Bridge Alliance Makes it Small

An International Alliance of Law Firms

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