Guillermo Jiménez

Director Name: Guillermo Jiménez

Contact Info: 
Address: c/ Gran Vía 64, 3ºD Madrid 28013 Spain
112 South Tryon Street, Suite 1100
Charlotte, North Carolina 28284, U.S.A.
Phone: +34-917-451-412
LinkedIn: Jiménez Astorga Abogados y Consultores

Jimenez Astorga Abogados y Consultores Law & Consulting Firm was founded in 1950 by Don Ernesto Jiménez Navarro. We´re a prestigious boutique firm that provides all of its´ clients with legal and business consulting service based on excellence and expertise.

Our professional team has a vast experience working with leading companies providing feasible solutions to complex situations. Our firm combines a model of organization that allows us to offer both experience and a deep knowledge of the law practice. We have suited our corporate structure and professional services to the evolution of new markets and our client´s requirements.

We are an international firm with offices in Madrid and La Habana. Our International Business Consulting Department has specialized in complex markets, we operate in Central America and Middle East.

We provide our clients with business services and all necessary arrangements for their successful establishment in the Central American region.

Our team is composed by qualified professionals with an extensive experience in complex business environments.

We specialize in international transactional contracting and intermediate in trade operations.

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